High-tech thieves are trying to steal your identity...

Here's how toSTOP THEM COLD!

Gone are the days when we only had to keep our wallets safe from pick-pocketing. Today’s thieves target the RFID chips found in passports, IDs, driver licenses and credit/debit cards to steal your identity details from as far as ten feet away.


Government agencies can also track your whereabouts with invisible RFID scanners at stadiums, airports and train stations. Through RFID microchips, your identity documents are essentially "announcing" your location to the same police state government that's also spying on your phone calls, emails and web surfing habits.


Protect your personal data and money with The Ranger Gear RFID Blocking Sleeves Pack!

Why do you need RFID blocking sleeves?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) automatically identifies and tracks tags attached to objects using electromagnetic fields. RFID microchips are embedded in many credit/debit cards, passports and even driver’s licenses.

All passports issued in the US after 2006 contain RFID chips.

Billions of credit and debit cards contain RFID chips -- yours, too!

The information on your documents and the money on your cards can be stolen from ten feet away using an RFID reader – and such a device is so easy to manufacture at home that anyone can do it!

Your data can be read even if your passport or card is in a wallet or purse. Radio waves go right through fabrics and even walls, which is why you can hear the radio inside a building.

You won’t even know when your data is stolen, so you can’t take immediate action

RFID blockers are the only way to be SURE your info or money won’t be stolen via RFID intrusions.

Why choose The Ranger Gear RFID Blocking Sleeves Pack?



10 credit card and 2 passport protectors in a single pack – so that you can make sure your entire family is safe.


100% protection against RFID theft, thanks to the laws of physics.


The Ranger Gear RFID Blocking Sleeves Pack renders your credit/debit cards and passport “electromagnetically opaque” and impossible to see.


Easy to use: simply place your credit cards or passport inside the sleeves and you will be protected anywhere, anytime.

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Health Ranger Guarantee

The Health Ranger Guarantee

Did you know that approximately 15 million Americans have their identities stolen each year? If you add that to credit card fraud, you realize that NO ONE IS SAFE. These are the kind of statistics that made me develop the Ranger Gear RFID Blocking Sleeves Pack. I want to know that my personal information is safe, so I use them wherever I go.

- Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

What do people say who rely on Ranger Gear RFID Blocking Sleeves?   

“They definitely appear to work as intended. As a trial I have offered up my credit card in its sleeve, more than once, to a Tap-and-Go terminal and found that the terminal cannot recognize that a card has been presented to it. A good buy.”

“I feel more secure using these covers and they seem quite durable. I feel that the price is reasonable and the service is amazing.”

“I love these protectors. I feel much safer out with my cards, knowing they are in these protective sleeves.”

– Barry from Perth, Australia

– Millicent from Willis, Texas

– Beverly from Toledo, Ohio

You can never be too safe from high-tech thieves! Don’t be a victim; empower yourself with The Ranger Gear RFID Blocking Sleeves Pack – protect what really matters to you.